ABSN Curriculum

Harding’s ABSN curriculum provides students with a solid nursing foundation they can lean on throughout their careers. It begins with prerequisite courses to ensure you are prepared for a nursing education. After completing the prerequisites, you’ll advance to nursing theory courses, nursing simulation labs and clinical placements.

The ABSN program — made up of 64 total credit hours, spread over four semesters — can be completed in as few as 16 months.

First Year of Nursing Program

Semester 1Credit Hours
BNEW 3022 New Testament Survey2
NURS 3000 Professional Nursing5
NURS 2030 Health Assessment3
NURS 3540 Gerontological Nursing 2
NURS 3620 Nursing Practice Interventions 2
MATH 1110 Fundamental Math for Nurses1
NURS 1000 Introduction to Nursing 1
Semester 2Credit Hours
BOLD 3022 Old Testament Survey2
NURS 3210 Pharmacology & Nursing3
NURS 3450 Maternity & Women’s Health Nsg4
NURS 3500 Psychiatric & Mental Health Nsg4
NURS 3510 Adults/Chronic Health & Rehab Concerns 5

Second Year of Nursing Program

Semester 3Credit Hours
BDOC 3022 Christian Faith and Vocation2
NURS 3550 Pediatric & Child Health Nursing4
NURS 4200 Nursing Adults w/Acute Health Concerns 5
NURS 4530 Community Health Nursing 4
Semester 4Credit Hours
NURS 4120 Research in Nsg3
NURS 4540 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing5
NURS 4550 Nursing Leadership & Management4
NURS 4620 Nursing Capstone Experience 3

NCLEX Preparation

The ABSN curriculum is designed to prepare you for anything you may face as a registered nurse as well as everything you need to know for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Our program will help you pass the NCLEX and become a practice-ready nurse after graduation.

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