Accelerated Nursing School Tuition

A nursing degree is an investment in your future. As such, it takes careful planning. The number of prerequisites you are required to take may vary, so the cost will depend on the number of courses you need to take.

With a Bachelor of Science in nursing in hand, many rewarding career options become available to you. Harding University’s 16-month accelerated BSN program offers multiple start dates per year, making it possible to start on your nursing future sooner.

Harding ABSN student with computer and manikin in clinical setting

Accelerated Nursing School Tuition and Fees

The fees for the Harding ABSN program include:

  • Nursing tuition per credit hour (64 credit hours): $727
  • Additional fees: $1250 per semester for technology, clinical support, and NCLEX preparation.

Financial Aid

For more information on accelerated nursing school tuition, FAFSA advice or any financial aid questions you may have, please contact our financial aid office.


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