ABSN Prerequisites

Though you may meet the Harding University accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program requirements, you may still need to complete ABSN prerequisites before you’re eligible to apply.

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Talking with the Harding University ABSN admissions team is the first step to identifying what prerequisites you may need to complete. The admissions team will evaluate your academic history and unofficial transcripts with you to develop a plan for completing those courses in time for your target start date.

Harding University Prerequisite Requirements

Each prerequisite course is designed to help lay a solid foundation for your nursing education. Harding prerequisite courses cost $606 per credit hour.

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Prerequisite CoursesCredits Hours
CHEM 1020/1020L: Fundamentals of Chemistry or CHEM 1040/1040L: College Chemistry4
BIOL 2405: Anatomy & Physiology II for Nurses or BIOL 3210: Anatomy & Physiology4
BIOL 2400: Anatomy & Physiology I for Nurses or BIOL 3200: Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIOL 2410: Intro to Microbiology for Nurses or BIOL 3400: Microbiology4
PSY 2010: General Psychology3
NURS 3630: Pathophysiology3
FCS 3230: Lifespan Human Development3
ENG 1110: Intro to University Writing & Research3
FCS 3310: Nutrition3
SOC 2030: General Sociology3
MATH 1200: Elementary Statistics3
Total Credits37

Applicants must meet all required nursing prerequisites as well as Harding University Liberal Arts Program requirements. Each student is individually evaluated and notified of additional course requirements.

A prior bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution will waive specific Liberal Arts Program requirements.

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For More Information

Contact our admissions team to learn more about the ABSN prerequisite courses.