Why Become a Nurse in Arkansas

Harding University’s Carr College of Nursing, founded in 1975, holds a legacy of preparing quality nurses. Our graduates are in demand, not just in the great state of Arkansas, but around the nation as well.

Students looking for a challenging, exciting profession as well as endless career opportunities will find them in Harding’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program. They’ll be able to pursue alternative nursing careers and also enjoy the benefits of having a nursing degree, such as helping others and working in diverse settings.

Nursing student smiling at camera

Why become a nurse in Arkansas? There are many reasons to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing in the Natural State, but one notable fact is that registered nurses are in high demand. The state projects 393 new registered nurse job openings from 2021-2023, so clearly, a BSN is worth pursuing!

Is Nursing Right for You?

Nursing isn’t just a job — it’s a calling that begins with the desire to help people and serve your community. Achieving your dream to become a nurse takes a lot of hard work, and that hard work doesn’t end once you begin your career!

How can you decide if nursing is right for you? We can help. If you have the following traits, you may already be well on your way to embodying the makings of a great nurse:

1. You’re an Excellent Communicator

Communication is everything when it comes to working with patients, doctors and family members. When sharing medical information and assessing a patient’s condition, good communication makes all the difference.

2. You’re Detail-Oriented

When dealing with very specific medical information, details matter. You’ll do well to be very focused and careful when giving medication and caring for patients.

3. You’re an Active Listener

To provide the best care possible, you must listen and process a lot of information at once. Listening is instrumental to assessing patients’ needs and issues and accurately relaying that information to their doctor.

4. You’re Calm and Collected in Chaos

From life and death situations to difficult personalities, you’ll need to remain calm no matter what.

5. You’re Full of Compassion

Compassionate caregivers result in better patient experiences. The ability to connect with patients on an emotional level in order to provide them with the best care possible is the calling card of a skilled nurse.

If you have the traits listed above, then you’re ready to take the next step! Contact our admissions team today and find out how to accelerate your future as a nurse through our ABSN program.

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